CYCLUS TOOLS cutting and facing tool for BSA


CYCLUS TOOLS cutting and facing tool for BSA
CYCLUS TOOLS cutting and facing tool for BSA


Product number: 720149
Manufacturer: CYCLUS TOOLS
Manufacturernumber: 720149
EAN: 8590831360012
Product information "CYCLUS TOOLS cutting and facing tool for BSA"
Product Description

Cyclus Tools Cutting & milling tool for BSA threads is a professional tool specifically designed for recutting work on the bottom bracket thread and for milling work on the bottom bracket shell.

After you have recut the thread, the cutting tool is disengaged and the face milling tool is used. You don't need to re-clamp the tool, ensuring 100% face milling of the bottom bracket shell treads. especially developed for recutting threads and facing of the bottom bracket housing.

It combines the two operations in one process so changing or modification of the tools isn't necessary.

Accurate facing of bottom bracket faces means the shells will be 100% parallel to each other and square to the threads. This is very important for bottom brackets with outer cups e.g. Campagnolo Ultra Torque, Shimano Hollowtech II.



    two machining processes in one
    tool change is not required
    exact guide ensures parallel faced shells

Please note: Letters or marks applied to the tool always refer to the tool itself. I.e. if an "R" is applied to one side, then this is a classic thread with the direction of rotation to the right - clockwise. If an "L" is applied, the direction of rotation is to the left - counterclockwise.

It is not meant the application side with the bicycle, because there is no fixed reference system here!


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