CYCLUS TOOLS combination wrench set (8 pcs)
CYCLUS TOOLS combination spanner set (8 pcs).- set of 8 open ended and ring spanners,- commonly used sizes: 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 27 mm- hardened chrome steel.

CYCLUS TOOLS hexagon Y- wrench - 4/ 5/ 6mm
CYCLUS TOOLS hexagonal Y- (allen) wrench. 4 - 5 - 6mm. Compact, handy Y- shaped allen tool with three hexagonal sockets (4 - 5 - 6 mm) included on one tool, perfect for bike adjustments while on the go, i.e. brake levers, stems, handlebars, seat post clamps. Ergonomically shaped and non-slip central rubber grip. 

CYCLUS TOOLS doublesided 15mm pedal spanner    15x15 mm    Material: steel

CYCLUS TOOLS torque T-wrench | adjustable 4, 5, 6 Nm | including 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, TX25 bits
CYCLUS TOOLS T-handle torque compact wrench.Technical specifications:- adjustable to 3, 4, 5 Nm,- robust and solid construction,- "clicks" to indicate when the set Nm torque value is reached,- includes: 3, 4, 5 mm hex (allen) bits and a TX 25 bit (these can be stored conveniently inside the handle)

CYCLUS TOOLS Torx Y- wrench - T25/T30/T40
CYCLUS TOOLS Y- tory head wrench. T25 - T30 - T40. Compact, handy Y- shaped torx tool with three torx heads T25 - T30 - T40) included on one tool, perfect for bike adjustments while on the go, i.e. chain ring bolts, brake lever bolts, Garmin computer mounts. Ergonomically shaped and non-slip central rubber grip. 

Hozan BICYCLE TOOL Ballpoint Wrench Set 7/pcs
BALLPOINT L-WRENCH   Part no. Width-across-flats sizemm Hex recessedhead bolt Hex recessedset screw Weightg A mm B mm W-110-1.5 1.5 14 81 M1.6 / M2 M3 2 W-110-2 2.0 16 96 M2.5 M4 3 W-110-2.5 2.5 18 111 M3 M5 6 W-110-3 3.0 20 127 M4 M6 9 W-110-4 4.0 25 142 M5 M8 18 W-110-5 5.0 28 160 M6 M10 31 W-110-6 6.0 32 180 M8 M12 51

Hozan C-210 Pedal wrench
Pedal wrench with increased durability by contacting the hexagonal pedal shaft with a surface.A strong type that combines a long handle with a thick mouth.Workability is improved by offsetting the grip in addition to the round shape that makes it easy to apply force.*Although it can be used for pedal shafts that have been cut on two sides, there are some pedals that cannot be used, such as those for sports cars.

Those cone wrenches are for home mechanic.Thin jaws and unique designed, open ended jaws will fit four popular sizes with this one. Size(Thickness 2.4) 13×14mm / 15×16mm O.A.L. 155mm

Hozan Ratcheting Hub Nut Wrench

WERA set ratcheting combination wrenches | 5 items | (8/10/13/15/17 mm)
WERA set of 5 combination open jaw and ratcheting ring wrenches (8/10/13/15/17 mm).A set consisting of 5 ring combination ratchet spanners in 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm and 17mm. The individual spanners are marked with coloured rings (pink, yellow, green, white, red) for clear size differentiation.The spanners have a special grip function in the spanner's jaws which helps prevent nuts and bolts being dropped while you guide them into place for threading and tightening. This integrated end stop in the spanner's jaws also prevent the wrench from slipping under pressure, which means that much more force can be applied without slipping off the nut or bolt head.The clever double hexagon geometry of the ring spanner makes the grip on the bolt/nut head more secure. This is especially useful when working on nuts and bolts in confined places. The hardened metal rings are able to handle higher torques and thanks to the 30° ratchet return angle (instead of the usual 60°), nuts and bolts can be quickly tightened or undone in confined spaces using very small handle movement.This is especially useful when tightening bicycle pannier racks, mudguards and accessories.Features:- easy colour coding - for quickly identifying the correct spanner size,- special jaw holding function for holding and guiding nuts and bolts into place,- end stop helps prevent slipping off the bolt head,- replaceable, hardened metal plate in the spanner's jaws bites,- double hexagon geometry and the hardened metal plate prevent slipping off nut and bolt heads even at high torques,- 30° ratchet return angle eliminates time-consuming turning of the spanner,- high precision toothing on the ring spanner with 80 teeth ensures fast and precise work.Set consists of:- combination ratchet spanner with SW 8 mm - pink coloured ring- combination ratchet spanner with SW 10 mm - yellow coloured ring- combination ratchet spanner with SW 10 mm - green coloured ring- combination ratchet spanner with SW 15 mm - white coloured ring- combination ratchet spanner with SW 17 mm - red coloured ring

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